About G-TEN


G-TEN Precision Co., Ltd. was established by a group of elite people with over 25 years of experience in the design and production of molding components, with a groundwork based on stamping molds, plastic molds, semi-conductor molds and precision tungsten steel components. In order to keep up with the structural changes of the industry, as well as changes in market trend, G-TEN Precision Co., Ltd. has shifted to invest in customized component production of higher domains, such as optoelectronics, medical, biotechnology and hot runner systems.

Our company owns precision instruments, outstanding professionals, excellent technology and copious practical experiences. With the efficient integrating ability of our elite team to assist customers with the complete schedule from demand to delivery, we have obtained recognitions from industry customers, and established a good reputation.

The beliefs and objectives for our company include excellent and stable quality, delivery in a short period of time, as well offering distinguished services. We have become the first choice for customers in the competitive market.

Culture & Value









G-TEN Precision Co.,Ltd. Uphold[Excellent services, professional technology, elite generals, supremacy of customers] corporate purpose, improve service quality and professionalism, satisfy customer needs.

Vision & Objective

In order to respond to the transformation and rapid changes of the market, G-TEN Precision Co., Ltd. discovers new product application demands, develops products orientated to requirements, maintains the competitive advantages of the enterprise, and exploits opportunities for new markets through solutions such as cooperating with customers and establishing strategic alliances. Regarding the product development on a short-term basis, we will focus on expanding the depth and scope of the product developmental level; and on the long-term basis, product diversification will be utilized to expand the operational scale for the enterprise. In addition, we invest actively in the development of innovative techniques, search for international cooperative opportunities around the world, and foster technical elites with global competitiveness, so as to speed up the advancement of technical levels, fulfill our philosophy for innovation, in order to achieve a vision of global operation and value innovation.